Running Connor’s Run

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I know that my eating disorder should not bring me as much shame as it does, but it still embarrasses me to admit that I did have a terrible binge the night before the 18.8km run. What started off as getting out of bed at 11.30pm for a ‘little snack’ morphed into a feast of a 250g pack of Medjool dates (~11 dates), four large ripe bananas and four cups worth of nutty oatmeal. All of it could have easily amounted to 2000 calories, which is close to maybe 3 quarters of a relatively active female’s day’s worth. I told only one person as it happened, and she told me only three things:


Sydney in September Part I (+ vlog)

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Hugging Mum again felt like life was breathed into my bones. It has been months apart for us at this point, and I didn’t realise how much I had missed her touch, her scent, her smile, her everything, until I saw her in flesh before me. Dad couldn’t be here for he had to settle a few things back in Austria, but

I’ll take one if I couldn’t have two. :’)