Sydney in September Part I (+ vlog)

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Hugging Mum again felt like life was breathed into my bones. It has been months apart for us at this point, and I didn’t realise how much I had missed her touch, her scent, her smile, her everything, until I saw her in flesh before me. Dad couldn’t be here for he had to settle a few things back in Austria, but

I’ll take one if I couldn’t have two. :’)

Let’s begin with the plane ride, shall we?

It was the first time flying from Melbourne to Sydney for me, and, as it is for every new route, I had my diary out, marvelling at and drawing things that catch my eye from the world below (pictures below were hastily taken with my phone, hence the slightly compromised quality). The vantage point I had was simply exquisite — craggy peaks, masses of land that gave way to ordered settlements, and seemingly endless shorelines.

Having that view of Earth planted in my heart an undecipherable feeling of being in a limbo between thinking the Earth is my oyster, and thinking about how tiny and insignificant I am in a planet this big and mighty… You know, that ‘unworthiness’ surges through one’s being in the presence of something this grand.

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Meeting Mum, shedding tears of happiness, and getting a shuttle to our accommodation all happened in quick succession. Before I knew it, we were strutting down the streets of Sydney’s CBD, walking past incredibly beautiful architecture defining the city’s skyline, which ranged from eclectic neo-Gothic to Victorian.

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It was a few hours into our time in the city when we found ourselves surrounded by the peace of greenery and running water that was Hyde Park. I felt happiest here, letting my feet lead me from tree to tree, caressing their barks and finding beauty in the intricacy of their textures.

Other, too, seemed to have found the same peace that I had found, for some wore smiles as they sprawled themselves out on the grass soaking in the sunlight, while others had their noses in books seeking a moment’s escape into the imaginary world painted by the words.

the world is quieter here.

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One thing I found worthy of mention was the art (!!!) which stood out from every corner. There was a female traveller who sat up camp down in the middle of a square and began ‘painting to help make the world a bit more magical’, there was a homeless male who drained the lives of dozens of black-inked ballpoint pens to create the most incredible black-and-white artwork, and then there was an art exhibition that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere and lined a path that led to the heart of the city. The mere act of ‘walking around the city’ became quite an adventure as it bordered on being ‘a walk through a living, breathing art gallery’.

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Our last stop of the day was Bodhi Restaurant, an Asian-style vegan restaurant that is well-known among vegans and non-vegans alike. It’s that good! The prices were slightly on the higher end, but for the smiles and excitement that came with (in Mum’s words) eating the best Tom Yum* we’ve ever tasted, it was worth the experience.

*Not just the Tom Yum though, the baos and dumplings (and pretty much everything else we had) was phenomenal.

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Thank You for the loveliest time today, Sydney.

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Oh wait! THIS!!!!

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Thank me later. 😉



— VLOG —

*The footage from the city is in the later part of this vlog.

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