Sydney in September Part II (+ vlog)

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“Around me were the echoing dunes, beyond me
The cold and sparkling silver of the sea”
— Sarah Teasdale

I thought of You and how You loved this beauty.

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Spot the dolphin in the clouds?

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Mum, Sis, and I took a bus to visit the golden sands and clear turquoise waters of Bondi Beach on a day with weather that could be akin to a rope balancing act, hovering from left to right, from a heaven of sunshine to a storm of rainclouds. Either way, the iconic beach was beautiful as it was, whichever direction it leaned towards.

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Bondi to Coogee, my oh mi. Six kilometres of sheer shimmery sea. Bright and early, we boarded a bus that teleported us to Bondi. It was gorgeous as we arrived – the sun was beating down on us, the clouds were scarce across our heavens, and the breeze was caressing our skin as gently as the waves were licking the shoreline. We had lunch at Speedo’s before embarking on the trek ahead of us. With best views of the coast that delight at every twist and turn, the journey, which began for us at the famous Bondi Beach, brought us right through rocky Hunter Park (absolutely incredible sandstone formations), across Mackenzies Bay, Tamarama Beach, Bronte Beach, and the grandest, mandarin-snacking, salty-aired finale that was calling it a day at Clovelly Beach. (We unfortunately had to end our adventure shortly before Coogee because my sister wasn’t in the pink of health, but do continue to Gordon’s Bay (purported to be amazing for snorkelling and scuba diving), and of course Coogee Beach if You have the chance to. You shouldn’t miss out on anything along a stretch as lovely as this.) Did I mention that we even trekked through a cemetery along the way? Waverly cemetery, to be dead accurate. A surprisingly peaceful, anything but haunting part of the trek it was – a raised boardwalk with the cemetery on one side and stunning sea cliffs on the other. One of my favourite humans in the whole entire world loves Eragon (by Christopher Paolini), and he once shared this quote about the sea with me: “The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can't.” And, likewise, no matter what I say about the sea here, there is always that which I can’t. Do give Bondi to Coogee a portion of Your life to explore. It is a beautiful, calming piece of our planet. x (p.s. When You do make Your way here, keep Your eyes peeled because You might just spot whales and/ or dolphins slightly off the coast. I’m not the least bit kidding!)

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Made famous by the throngs of vegan influencers who’ve made their way to Speedo’s cafe, I was interested to try the cafe’s vegan-friendly menu myself too. Having heard from friends that the pancakes aren’t as good as some influencers had made them out to be, I decided to give the menu another chance by ordering anything but the pancakes. We ended up with a pink pittaya bowl, which I found delicious and refreshing, and a yogi plate, which unfortunately bordered on being too oily and salty for my liking. Furthermore, I found the pricing slightly unjust for the meagre portions we got. A pity, really! 🙁

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I feel like this was an experience I found especially difficult to put into words. Probably because so much of what I felt came about from what I touched, heard or saw. From the way the wind caressed my skin, to the prickly touch of rocks, to the gentle whoosh of every incoming wave, to every laugh that rose out of my lungs, my senses were on overload for the entirety of the walk.

Perhaps pictures will have to suffice for the sharing of this experience. :’)

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