Five Reasons I Love Brunswick

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The Sourced Bulk Foods, Pachamama Wholefoods, Green Refectory, Thrift Shopping, & a secret little Bookshop.

Enough said? Enough said.

1. The Sourced Bulk Foods

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“Buy as little or as much as you like!” I’d be told with a smile. The staff here are and always have been wonderful. The Source Bulk Foods, where I go to for a ‘no-waste shopping experience’, is where I go to once or twice a week armed with a totebag-ful of jars ready to be filled with my breakfast loves like their organic grain-free bircher, dried mulberries, chia seeds, dark chocolate dates (mmm), and dried coconut flakes to name a few. (One could even get cleaning products here too!)

I love the freedom and environmentally-friendliness that come with shopping this way. All one would need is a stash of jars and sturdy tote bag to carry it all — first empty, and then filled to the brim. It isn’t challenging to show a little love for our planet, trust me. In fact, with The Source Bulk Foods, it can be so darn delicious. 🙂

*Unsponsored, I promise haha. I just really love this gem of a store.

2. Pachamama Wholefoods

Slightly on the pricier end, I usually only go to this health food store if there happens to be a sale for products I adore. I still love Pachamama all the same, though, for it does stock up on some pretty amazing, otherwise-unavailable-at-other-health-food-stores-around-town products. 🙂

As I was typing this, I got a little curious about where or how the name ‘Pachamama’ came about. (Thank you Google!) I learned that ‘Pachamama’ is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes, aka. the earth/ time mother. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting, embodies mountains, and causes earthquakes. Her shrines are hallowed rocks, or the boles of legendary trees, and her artists envision her as an adult female bearing harvests of potatoes and coca leaves.

**Check out this whole list of health food stores in Melbourne: Click here.
‘Terra Madre’, ‘Great Earth’, and ‘Aunt Maggie’s’ are personal favourites. 🙂

3. Green Refectory

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A haven of fresh, affordable, and absolutely delicious food, Green Refectory is a must-go for vegans and non-vegans alike. Whenever I go there, I usually always grab myself a large salad from the salad bar (there usually always is 5 delicious vegan options), and, if I’m feeling fancy or generous towards myself, I’d get a dessert/ baked goodie (the plethora of vegan options here is such a godsend!) or a chai latte.

It’s located right beside Vinnies (see below), slightly down the street from Savers (see below) opposite the weekend pop-up bookstore (see below below), slightly up the street from Pachamama Wholefoods (see above) and The Source Bulk Foods (see above above). It’s very conveniently placed for brunch or lunch amidst a day of grocery or thrift shopping. 😉

4. Thrift Shopping — Vinnies, Savers

Love, love, love! Especially as a student who tries to live as ethical as possible while still looking decent/ presentable for uni! I’m not always lucky when I thrift shop, but sometimes I do spot needles hiding in the hay stacks. Bless!

Pro tip: Show your student card at Savers on Sundays for 20% off your purchase. 🙂

*Another INCREDIBLE thrift shop to check out albeit its slightly distant location (it’s a personal favourite!): Thryft Shop

5. A secret little Bookshop

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*Only open on the weekends! Perfect that that’s the case, I suppose, for weekends are associated with slowing one’s pace, and one really doesn’t want to rush through a perusal of a bookshop. 🙂

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Perhaps I should also mention that the lead-up from Ormond College to Brunswick looks a little like this: Royal Park slightly tucked away behind terrace houses on the left (be adventurous, follow the signs, you’ll find it!), and the vast expanse of a very green, very busy Princes Park on the right. A trip to Brunswick really does beckon for a run to come with!

What is Brunswick (and its vicinity) but one GRAND ADVENTURE.

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