When The Luna Listened

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A diary entry from about 2 months ago:

A couple of nights ago, I was settling into bed when I caught a glimpse of a strong, focused beam of white light — the moon — shining through the tall window that towers above my bed. I peeled the duvet off of me and hugged my knees as I looked straight into the soul of the bright luna that had fought its way through the puffs of grey speckling the skyscape. It wanted to be seen, and seen in my vision it was.


Running Connor’s Run

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I know that my eating disorder should not bring me as much shame as it does, but it still embarrasses me to admit that I did have a terrible binge the night before the 18.8km run. What started off as getting out of bed at 11.30pm for a ‘little snack’ morphed into a feast of a 250g pack of Medjool dates (~11 dates), four large ripe bananas and four cups worth of nutty oatmeal. All of it could have easily amounted to 2000 calories, which is close to maybe 3 quarters of a relatively active female’s day’s worth. I told only one person as it happened, and she told me only three things:


Sydney in September Part I (+ vlog)

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Hugging Mum again felt like life was breathed into my bones. It has been months apart for us at this point, and I didn’t realise how much I had missed her touch, her scent, her smile, her everything, until I saw her in flesh before me. Dad couldn’t be here for he had to settle a few things back in Austria, but

I’ll take one if I couldn’t have two. :’)