What initially drew me into Vapiano was the fact that they bothered picking out the Vegan options from their original menu and forming a whole new Vegan menu just for their Vegan customers. A personal favourite of mine is the Verdure pizza (ordered without the cheese), because although it seems really simple with homemade marinara sauce, grilled vegetables and mushrooms, it tastes phenomenal. Furthermore, it is absolutely huge and, yet, is still so affordable (around 8 Euros)!

Vapiano is great for meetings/ get-togethers because of the large seating capacity and speed of service. They have an interesting system here — You get something that looks like a credit card and You have to go to the respective cooking stations with Your card to order something. You will then see Your food being cooked freshly right in front of You (unless You order pizza/ lasagne, they’ll call You back once it’s done)! Adds a bit of a fun factor to the dining experience. 🙂

Locations: Literally all over the world — check it out