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Vegabond, a chill Vegan restaurant with recipe books for leisure reading and a large variety of Vegan goodies, was our refuge during the downpour, and that was where we shared a rice wrap summer roll, almond ‘brie’ and fig jam toast and a granola-topped soy yoghurt breakfast bowl. We enjoyed every bit of our dinner and when two little boys sitting across the room left one of two of their pesto-tomato toast untouched, we saw the perfect opportunity for seconds. We predicted embarrassment on our part if we were to get caught, but we were also still hungry. So my role: Create a diversion by searching for ‘something’ in my bag in a very over-the-top manner. Miriam’s role: Quickly make her way across the room and calmly and swiftly bring the plate of untouched toast over. Never before has either one of us done anything like this, hahaha it was fun and not to mention, delicious.

Location: Leliegracht 16, 1015 DE Amsterdam

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 6 pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

MOOK Pancakes

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On this day, having been the last day in Amsterdam, we chose to slow down and be a typical foodie tourist in Amsterdam: EAT PANCAKES, and not just any pancakes… MOOK PANCAKES, which Miriam found by chance as she fervently googled ‘Vegan pancakes in Amsterdam’. Most of what was on their menu wasn’t originally Vegan, but they certainly were Veganiz-able. We shared 2 pancakes — The Blue Magic & The Heavy Mama (swapped honey for maple syrup). The waitress was soooo generous with maple syrup and drenched both our plates with syrup, syrup and more syrup! We left with serious cases of ‘sugar high’s… but no regrets whatsoever, those were the best pancakes I’ve ever had in my life.

Location: De Clercqstraat 34, Amsterdam

Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 9pm