Cambridge Market

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Wander Your way into somewhere in the heart of the Cambridge Outdoor Market to find this friendly, smiley man who serves absolutely incredible sweet potato wraps for just under 5 pounds! While You’re here, You’ll be treated to fresh local produce, pre-loved items, and arts and crafts among many other bits and bobs.

Location: At the open square right beside Church of St Mary the Great

More information here.

Sainsbury’s Self-service Salad Bar

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Sainsbury’s self-service salad bar would be the perfect place to get an affordable jumbo meal for when You’re not up for anything fancier than a picnic while on a punt! What I also really loved was the fact that ample signages were placed at the salad bar to allow consumers to make informed decisions.

There is a total of 5 Sainsbury’s outlets in Cambridge, simply enter “Cambridge” here.